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How Do I Join?

Joining is easy! First you will need to complete a short membership form and have your skill level rated. The form is available at any of our member establishments or download it and return the completed form to any of our member bars. You can also sign-up online. Your “rating” will be determined by a series of 501 and Cricket games and making note of your scores. Once you begin to play, your rating will fluctuate (up or down) based on who you play and how your darts are flying.

Upcoming Dates

No upcoming dates

What Does It Cost?

We all ask this question — and the answer is less than you might think! The fees are listed below and are due when your team signs up:

  • $20 Annual Membership Dues - These run January through December.
  • $15 Seasonal League Fees - This is payable for each season that you play on a team or substitute.
  • $50 Sponsorship Fee Per Team - This is typically paid by the team's host establishment.

These fees are paid by all members and are used to purchase trophies, awards, and to fund the banquet that follows each league season.

Dues Example

If you join in February, you will pay $35.00 for your first season of darts - that's all!

You are responsible for what you eat and drink, but there are no nightly fees to pay during league play.

If you decide to play the fall season as well the cost is only $15.00!

What Else?

All that's left is to PLAY!!! This can be done by:

  • Teaming up with 3 to 4 other QCDA members.
  • Contact one of our member establishments and let them know you're interested in playing.
  • Give your name to a member of our league committee and we will help you find a team.
  • Put your own team together with 3 or 4 of your friends/family
  • Become a member of our Substitute list and fill in for other teams.

If you know of an establishment that is interested in sponsoring teams or hosting league events, please contact us and let us know!

League Forms

Membership and Team Forms

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