Singles League

More Opportunities To Play Darts

The QCDA will be holding a singles session in tandem with our team sessions. There will be at least two singles sessions per calendar year.

Singles League Details

Three Different Leagues. You pick your own league.

  • Premier League: Three sets of seven legs; 301 DIDO, Cricket, & 501 FIDO
  • “A” League: Five legs of 301 DIDO, three legs of Cricket & 501 FIDO
  • “B” League: Three sets of three legs; 301 DIDO, Cricket, & 501 FIDO

Rules Overview

  • Play one match each week
  • Player's pick the night & location
  • All legs, in all sets MUST be played
  • Player listed first has option for cork. Throw cork to start each set.
  • Alternate start in each set after cork.
  • No handicaps.

Costs & Payouts

  • $30.00 Per Person
  • Playoffs and number of weeks determined by the number of players
  • $20.00 of each of the entry fees are paid back out in the playoffs
  • Sign-up Form
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